Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Real Estate

Here’s the truth behind some of the latest real estate headlines.

I wanted to take a few minutes to address some of the big headlines that I’ve been seeing all over the media lately. There’s a lot of junk information, and I want to clear it up for everyone today. You can't believe everything you read in the media; they're not real estate agents and don't always know the truth.

Feel free to watch the full interview, or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introducing today’s topic

0:20 — Why are foreclosures really spiking?

1:31 — The impact that rising prices are having on our market

1:54 — Will increased rates cause home sales to plummet?

2:50 — What I predict we’ll see in 2022

4:00 — A few unknowns that could impact the market drastically

4:25 — Wrapping up

If you have questions for me about the state of the market or anything else related to real estate, don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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