Marketing Your House

The marketing actually begins by getting the product (your house) ready to sell.  We'll help you give you suggestions on how to improve the way buyers view your home so they see it in the best light.  If you need professional assistance, we know home stagers, contractors, landscapers, and home inspectors so that nothing gets missed.

If the pricing is wrong, nothing else matters.  The best marketing in the world won't overcome a property that isn't priced right.

We'll hire the very best photographers and videographers.  History has shown that the properties with the most and best pictures get shown the most.  We got you covered.

We'll desgin a demographic profile of who you're buyer is and then craft a message that highlights the benefits they'll receive when they buy your home.  We've found that buyers buy benefits, not features and that's what we concentrate on.  The copywriting is done by a professional copywriter so we know we've got it right.

Now that we have the right message, we can get it to the right people (your buyers) the right way.  We know where they hang out on out the internet and we'll make sure your message is there.  We also use the latest technology to capture buyer's information so we can follow up with them and answer any questions they may have.